Monday, January 18, 2016

Touch me Not (A manwhore seires #1) By Apryl Baker

Lily Holmes is scared by her tragic past, the death of her father and then her twin sister has left her with a paralyzing phobia. She longs to be normal, and no one can help her.

Nikoli Kincaid is the campus manwhore, he doesn't hid the fact he enjoys sex, and say the girls he sleeps with know that is all it is SEX and nothing more.

When Nikoli sets his sights on Lily, she turns him down flat.... the 1st girl to do that in like NEVER..
He sees something wrong with Lily and decided to help her over come her phobia and get in her panties.

I really liked this book, and the series has so many possibilities with all the Kincaid brothers and Adam ( lily's best friend).  Looking forward to more from Apryl

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