Friday, January 22, 2016

Dating on the Dork Side By Charity Tahmaseb

Very adorable, and cute. Dating the dork side is like a bible for all the geeks, nerds, chess club, AV, and Average Joe's of high school, wanting to change our status or the one of status may have never noticed us finally take notice. 

Camy an average joe tutors her fellow students and generally sticks to herself, until somehow she ends up on a Wiki page of Trojan Hotties. Not knowing how or why she is on the site, but outraged by some of the things being said about the other Hotties on the site. So, she decides to alert the Hotties and the group of outraged girls decide to take action and have a boy boycott.... 

Cheerleaders and dance team beauties talking to and going out with chess club and av nerds? Has hell froze over are pigs flying? 

Camy is stuck in the middle, helping the now dateless hotties. she sets them up and helps them go to the dork side.. and the jocks asking her to hook them up with anything with a pulse. 

Many of the connections Camy help make really goes to show you, that people are more then their status or crowd.

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