Saturday, January 9, 2016

The year we fell down (Ivy Years Book 1) By Sarina Bowen

For Corey Callahan hockey was everything, then she fell down. Thinking it was just some bumps or bruises she slept it off, but come to find out it was much worse. Confined to a wheel chair, she has just about give up ever getting back on the ice.
Hartley is a Rock star on and off the ice, until he fell down and broke his leg. There both are suffering loss of the team, and the ice.
Living across the hall in the "handicap" accessible dorms they commiserate, about the hike to classes, the unfortunate inaccessible buildings and the all around extra effort it takes to get to and from on a daily basis. They start to fall for one another.
Hartley is adorable and pushes Callahan to get off her sorry butt and work hard at rehab. Callahan is there for Hartley when he gets some unsettling family news.

Sarina writing style flows, they are no lags or dragging of the story. Before you know it the book is done and you are left wanting more.... 

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