Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Built By Jay Crownover

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I am in love with the marked men, Rule, Rome, Nash, Jet, Rowdy and Asa. They were such an awesome crew. I was sad to see their stories end. But with the Saints of Denver we get to revisit them, and be dazzled by a new cast of characters. Jay closed the marked men series finale with the Bridge novel Leveled, that book floored me. It gave me the closer I needed and opened up a whole new world of possibility.

Saints of Denver
Sayer a broken women, who was neglected and abused by her Father. After years of verbal abuse she felt small and weak, and worthless, she tried to blend in and not stand out. Zeb was man who stood out, big as a giant, he went head first into the unknown with out thinking. He was color. As their story unfolds I just wanted to shake and scream at Sayer to "snap" out of it. It's hard to stay silent when you are faced with the affects of abuse. We don't often see the inside story only what is show to us on the outside.

"The wound might be deep, so deep that you feel it all the way to your bones, and that means you get comfortable wit the pain, the hurt becomes familiar, and you don't know what to do without it. But then someone else comes along and sees you suffering and it hurts them to watch you ache within the walls of pain. Your wound wounds them and they realize really fast that maybe you weren't able to heal the hurt on your own maybe you are in fact immune to how shitty it feels, but for them and with them you work to get better because that person makes you realize that you shouldn't be comfortable or complacent with something that feels awful no matter how use to it you are." 

"And you, you need to learn how to not be alone. You need to take the risk on that boy and on his daddy. You love so much more then your mother, and you have to know that you have so much more to offer this world then the person your father tried to mold you into. Let the way those boys love you and the way you love them be what defines you, Sayer. Be that women, not the one your dad wanted you to be."

"The walls are gone. The ground is leveled. You can build whatever you want. I'm a blank slate." 

"I bet him a hundred bucks that when he asked you it would make you cry."

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