Monday, January 4, 2016

Bear Bites 1-4 Novella By Ruby Dixon

Ruby usually writes books about Big Blue Hunky Aliens with sexy horns and amazing packages, and the  Earth Women who were abducted and crash landed on their Ice Planet.  I am such a fan! So, when I saw this side writing project she had with Alexa Riley I new I would want to read. 

Review of all 4 books 

Book 1 Amazon US
Cole owns a mom and pop REI in the small village of Pine Falls. Adelaide owns a Spa and it has flourished, despite the community thinking she would fail. The wives of all the men wanting to play Mountain man take refuge in her upscale Spa. Cole has had his eye on Adelaide since she arrived in Pine Falls three years ago. But, Cole's a Were-Bear and they have strength and stamina that a human women can't handle, or so he thinks. Even the Cheif/Alpha of the Were-Bears says he should give her a chance. But, when Adelaide decides to take a camping trip with another guide to show Cole she ins't some uptight prissy girl. Cole can't let Adelaide go into the wood with another man.............

Book 2 Amazon US

Leo is Cole's cousin and a Were-Bear, he is manning the store for Cole while he and Adelaide get to baby making. Caroline comes to Pine Falls looking to reconnect with her Ex Bill. Leo is attracted to Caro as soon as she comes into the store looking for camping gear and wonders why she is with a whinny looser like Bill. Bill leaves Caro in the wood alone and brags about it at the local lodge bar, when Leo finds out he sets out to make sure she is ok and to make her his.

Book 3 Amazon US

  1. Mel has know that Ryann has been his mate since she was seventeen years old, what is a man suppose to do when his mate is way underage? Mel is a solitary man, he enjoys the quite in the woods and making his wood carvings. Ryann has been attracted to Mel since she was seventeen and working at a grocery store in town. Mel and Ryann both agree that Mel is not all that attractive but his other qualities draw Ryann to him. He is Big Burly and well hung. At twenty almost twenty-one Ryann thinks the age difference doesn't matter and she tries to get Mel to see that she wants him also. 

Book 4 Amazon US

Chance meets Madison at the Lodge, the wolf shiftier came to Pine Falls to escape a creepy situation with her previous Alpha. Chance isn't looking for a Mate after witnessing his father's distress over the loss of his mother. Madison excepts the challenge from Ryann and Adelaide to "make-over" Chance to get the community to recognize her talent as a hair dresser. But, as soon as she sits down Chance knows that Madison is his Mate, he fights the connection but still drags the little submissive wolf home seconds after meeting her. Can he fight his Bear and the mate bond? Madison doesn't mind playing with Chance but, when he starts to act like her Mate she not sure to believe he has changed his mind. 


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