Monday, January 18, 2016

Loving my neighbor By C M Steele

Beauty and the Beast.........

Lilly (belle) moves in with her father, evil stepmother and two half siblings, while she finds a place of her own after graduating college. Little does she know her father has some nefarious plans.

Trent is the billionaire living in a mansion high on the hill. Town residents don't see him often. He is leary of people and stays away. But, when he sees Lily n town dressed in all white he is taken by her instantly. He wants to take her and hide her away in his hilltop mansion and never let her go.

His controlling, protective tendencies are endearing. It brings about emotions that have been missing since my mother died. Besides, I like the feel of being in his strong, thick arms. He carries me through his mini castle. 

Because  being alone was miles better then being rejected, left, or abandoned. 

As she sits on the bed in one of the hospital gowns, she looks so small and sad. I know then and there that I would give my last breath to keep her safe and loved. 

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