Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Aced By K. Bromberg **No Spoilers**

Kristy, I needed this book. I was really craving more of Colton and Rylee the glimpse of them we got in Sweet Ache, Slow Burn, and Hard Beat wasn't enough. The relationship between these two is Epic,  a Novella wouldn't have dulled the need.

**** NO SPOILERS*******

Colton shows us another side of himself, how he has taken to being a husband, his love for Rylee. We can see more of what makes Rylee tick. As a mom I can understand the need to have everything just so, and when it is truly out of your hands, how helpless you feel.

I don't want to give away to many details about this book, the moment in time stolen from Colton and Rylee made public has been discussed, debated, and scrutinized with many and I want you to read it for yourself.

"Let's just hope those fortunes say you need to have hot monkey sex with your husband."

"But there's so much more that goes with it now: needs, wants, tomorrows, yesterdays, and every fucking thing in between"

"I'm a lucky fucker because I have found what I never knew I was looking for. Thank fuck she's looking right back at me."

Colton and Rylee:
What we have between us, he says, voice thick with emotion as the pauses to find the words, "is a beautiful thing." "A beautiful thing is never perfect, " I murmur. "You're right. We're far from perfect. We're perfectly imperfect." If I wasn't already madly in love with my husband

"I'm certain that even if the other shoe drops, it'll be off an octopus with lots of shoes so we'll be able to handle it, because I married the only man ever meant for me. We can handle anything that comes out way shoe by dropping shoe." Colton just falls onto his back 

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