Friday, January 1, 2016

Bad Boys Baby by Sosie Frost

Bad Boys Baby

Jack is the bad boy of American League Football. Leah is a hard working publicist who tries to cover up or spin his many exploits and indiscretions.  Jack has no apologizes for his behavior, he does his job on the field. Leading the team to the championships last year not bad for his 2nd year on the team. He should be able to live his life and party any way he wants off the field... right? But when the league and team have had enough of his bad publicity, Jack gets the best idea to use his publicist Leah to change his image. Leah is attracted to Jack, who wouldn't be! But she has kept her distance and panties on in the 3 years she worked with Jack, he even calls her Kiss, not Leah in all the 3 years she has worked for this arrogant bad boy. Now he told the League owner they are in a committed long term relationship to save his ass..... oh what a sweet ass it is. Jack does't care if this interfere with Leah's life plan, a carefully planned out plan I might, color coded, highlighted posted noted plan. 



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