Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Year We Hid Away (ivy years book 2) By Sarina Bowen *Bonus Review of Blonde Date #2.5

Bridger is my favorite character so far in the Ivy years series, He is  sexy, bad boy with a heart. Caring for his little sister since he was 15 years old when his dad passed and his mother take to drugs to cope. He seems to do it all. But not wanting to ask for help.
Scarlet formally Shannon, is running from a her family and the mess her father is involved in. She legally changes her name and tries to escape to Harkness College. Hockey is so far from either on of their minds as they both try to hid their secrets from everyone. Some problems you just can't out skate............

"There's a saying. If you want God to laugh, tell him your plans."


Blonde Date  (Ivy years #2.5)

We meet Andy and Kate (K1) as Scarlet's and Bridger's floor mates. Kate invites Andy to be her date to a Sorority charity party. Kate is embarrassed about something that happen to her and doesn't want to go alone.
Andy has had his eye on Kate since he first saw her walk into Art History class, but thought he had no chance with the gorgeous Kate as she seemed to be surrounded by the Football team.
Good Guy Andy is a breath of fresh air for Kate and helps her get through the embarrassment she feels by playing fun game. The awkwardness seems to fade as Kate gains confidence, sharing looks and laughs at, he shall not be named expense.

Great Read, easy flow and as always keeps you wanting more from the Ivy Years.

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