Friday, January 15, 2016

Hearts in Darkness By Laura Kaye

Wow, I would loose my Shit being stuck in an elevator and in the dark with a stranger for 4 hours.... I'd be clawing the walls, screaming my head off... full on panic mode.
Caden and Makenna are those two strangers that get stuck together. Taking away the assessments, assumptions, and perhaps judgments we all make when we first get a glimpse of someone. Before they speak we have seemed to make up our minds about them. And that pass of judgement may lead to some of us missing out on a real chance to get to know someone. Makenna and Caden have 4 hours to speak, joke, and get comfortable with each other before that perceived notion of what you look like vs who you really are.

What a great concept for a book... and maybe for real life.

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