Thursday, January 28, 2016

Flesh Series 1-17 By Sky Corgan **No spoilers**

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This is a review of all 17 books in the series with no spoilers.

Amy is a sweet, innocent woman that has had only 1 boyfriend in the past, sound fimiluar? Her roommate Janice constantly nags her to come to a BDSM club "Flesh" where newbies can rent a Dom for a 1/2 hour or 1 hour "Scene" of their choosing. After visiting Flesh Amy meets her new Dom "Sir" aka Lucian. She is captivated by his amazing Blue eyes, and sexy body.

Lucian is the typical fucked up bad boy, with more issues then People magazine,  Sound familiar? He is a plastic surgeon to the stars, but craves a darker side to sex, and works at Flesh to give him what he needs from women. Lucian inherited his parents sprawling home, and hires a design firm to help him redecorate. When Amy knocks on his door and turns out to be his interior designer, he is taken back the woman that captivated him and made him feel for the 1st time in a long time is right in-front of him, and he knows he cant let her leave.
The back and forth between Amy and Lucian can be a bit annoying and the plot lines are a bit predictable. That bring said; it is a quick, sexy pantie wetting read even with 17 in the Series.

Who wouldn't want a sexy bad boy Dom to give them multiple orgasms?
Can I have a "Sir" to?

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