Saturday, January 2, 2016

Emphatic By Kaylee Ryan

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Logan has just graduated from College and dumped cheating ex of three years. After repeated warning from her friend Stacy that when he "Need a Breaks" it was code for I want to sleep around, she finally realized he was an ass, that ruined her view of love and the fairy tale ending.
Logan and Stacy's Parents gift them the ultimate graduation present a week trip to Hawaii, with a private beach and rental. Excited about the prospect of getting away, all Logan needs to do now is find a J O B.
She applies for many, and gets a call the day before they leave and she is so excited to except the personal assistant post ion for a record label in the Nashville area. The job has many challenges and requirements that she hopes will help her dive into this new part of her life; no more love or fairy tales for her. It's all real life grownup stuff from now on.
Kacen takes a much needed holiday in Hawaii after a long tour, and walking along the beach he spots Logan and instantly needs to know her. Stacy encourages Logan to branch out and have a fling with the Triple T's of hotness that is Micheal aka Kacen. Spending the week together in Hawaii, Paige aka Logan and Micheal start to feel like this is more then a fling. Forced to return home, they both think they will never see each other again, until Kacen meets his new PA; Logan. They both fight their attraction and try to keep a professional relationship. Let the fun begin.......

Kaylee's leading men always have a sweet side to them, she makes you fall hopelessly in love. Dreaming to meet the real life version.

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