Sunday, March 6, 2016

Levitate by Kaylee Ryan

Levitate by Kaylee Ryan

Maxton is hot, cocky and not looking for THE ONE. He has trouble trusting women, due to the way his mother treated his father. If you give your heart away to someone they will only crush it.  After his father passing he inherited his father's bar and his childhood home. He has been working to rehab both the bar and his home, with his business partner and best buddy Brighton.

Kensington was attacked by someone she thought she could trust, tragically her mother was killed trying to protect her. She has a lot of trouble letting people in and they have to work to gain her trust. Finding it hard to get past the attack and living her life. She is blessed with an awesome roommate Nicole. Nicole has helped Kensington for the last 4 years.

Nicole meets Brighton at at bonfire and they both drag their best friends along on those awkward first dates, Maxton isn't looking for love, but finds Kensington's draw irresistible.

"Shit just got real"   -Maxton
"This beautiful girl is broken, and in this moment, I want nothing more then to make her whole again." - Maxton

"Yesterday was her birthday. It's a hard day for me. I'm sorry if I came across as a bitch. I just.. I'm a mess."
"I've never seen a mess more beautiful."

IT'S OFFICIAL KENSINGTON James is going to be the death of me. -Maxton

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