Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Never Kiss a Stranger By Winter Renshaw

Never Kiss A Stranger is Free on Kindle Unlimited, which is why I downloaded.  
This book was OK not the best I've read, and not the worst. I finished the book that usually is a good sign... The author needed to embellish more, drawing us in to the story. We get bare bones information or scenes from each encounter between Wilder and Addison.  Even between Addison and COCO. I have downloaded book 2 Never is a Promise. Again I wouldn't pay money for this book only reason I'm reading on in the series is Kindle Unlimited. I want to see if the Author has expanded her writing style. 

"The only things you need to know about me are that I don't do relationships. I don't do labels. I don't do....emotions."
"The moment the door pulled open, I wanted to thow up. Not in a bad way, but in an "Oh, My God, he's so fucking gorgeous. What the hell does he want with someone like me?" way. 
"Because this sexy little body of yours belongs to me, and you're showing it off for the rest of the world."
"Maybe I didn't deserve her, and I sure as hell didn't know what to do with her, but I'd found her. What was that saying? Finders, keepers?" 

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