Thursday, March 31, 2016

**RELEASE DAY!!!***** Vision in Love By Liz Bower

                                                 #FreeKU #LizBower #FantasyRomance

After Emma Williams’ life took an unexpected turn, she decides to start over, by moving back to her home in the north of England. But as soon as she arrives in the village of Altenchester, she starts to suffer from strange visions. Visions of people she doesn’t know and disturbing events she can’t explain. 

They lead her to find an unlikely friend in Matt, a local history enthusiast. Emma is unaware he is also an Altenbury, the prominent family in the village. As they search for the meaning of her visions it brings them closer together. But their venture soon turns into a nightmare when Matt is the victim of a series of brutal yet mysterious attacks. 

Can Emma find out what the visions mean before the attacks on Matt become fatal?

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