Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Explicit By Roxie Sloane **Arc copy review**

Explicit by Roxy Solane is Hard Core Romance at it's best. She has captured the 3 D's in A Bad Boy Dreamy, Dark and Damaged. The female Lead is Strong, Sassy and Self-confident. 
Our story starts with a working relationship that evolves to a toxic romantic one. 
Ellie is an up an coming editor at Denton Rifkin. She is excited to land The Jackson Ford, Creator of 'Garrett Addison,' the best spy character since Jack Reacher, and author of her all-time favorite spy thriller, Lions and Lambs.  The man behind a dozen novels, four books made into movies and always on 'Page 6' listings. Was her newest author. 
Jackson Ford award winner author, is in side his own head most of the time, not wanting to TRUST anyone after his disastrous end to his last relationship. But he wants Ellie. Can Jackson Trust again, or will he be his own worst enemy? 

The love scenes between Jackson and Ellie are swoon worthy. The story draws you in and keep you turning the pages. 


"You have two choices;" he said, his voice a low growl. "You can lay back right now and spread your legs for me, or you can go upstairs to your room and rest the knee, and we can forget that any of this ever happened. Choose Ellie." 

"I can't decide how to fuck you," he said. "I want to take you in every position. I want to fuck you like an animal and a saint. I want to keep you on the brink for an hour and take four orgasms from you. I can't do it all tonight. I'm kind of pissed about that." 

Ellie- She was pushing Jackson to rewrite is draft of his latest novel... and Jackson didn't take well to the critique and sent Ellie a risque e-mail.... her answer was, wet panties and a smart retort... 
"Congratulations to you. There is more passion in the email you sent then in your last three books. Perhaps the lack of emotion in your recent writing is the reason your female audience had declined 17% since 2013. But, that is just one woman's theory." 

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