Monday, February 29, 2016

The fifteenth minute by Sarina Bowen (#5 Ivy league series)

The Fifteenth Minute by Sarina Bowen is the 5th Book in the Ivy League Series, and my Favorite. By the 5th book in a series the characters are developed you have fall in love with them and you have your chosen few who you want more of. 

Lianne is a former child star trying to make her own way in the "real" world. Deciding to go to college far away from Hollywood and her manager. But, fitting in for this self proclaimed Nerd is hard. She gets out of the Frosh court and is housed in a single next to Bella, Harkness colleges hockey team manager. Bella is the perfect person to drag Lianne out of her hiddy hole. 

Lianne meets DJ or Danny, little brother to Levi Harkness' hockey star. DJ is the Hockey rinks Disk Jockey and he and Lianne connect over their shared dorkness.  DJ is in the middle of a scandal and he doesn't think he can have Lianne. But fate and attraction are hard to fight. 

Taking on a social commentary that most don't want to discuss and shedding light on a side of the story we rarely hear. I like how Sarina takes a subject that is relevant to all of us and makes us think.........

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