Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cleat Chaser By Celia Aaron and Sloane Howell

I am so not into Baseball as a sport. It's to boring and I need more action, movement from the players. But, Cleat Chaser has me rethinking things. Especially with Baseball season just around the corner. 

Easton is Hot, cute and funny. He is a bad boy but also the boy next door. His relationship with his sister is freaking' hilarious, I'd like to be her friend. 

Kyrie is sweet but with a naughty side. Her best friend Nikki is sassy, quick witted, and foul mouthed. 

You immediately fall for her and Easton. But, Could the old adage be true... Never Trust a Player? 

The story flows and keeps you turning the page, The sexy scenes are far from "Erotic" but get the job done. 

"Surrounded by thousands and with Nikki screaming like a banshee at my side, it was only he and I for a brief stolen moment."

"There is a rule. I have a rule. Some sort of rule? When he kissed the shell of my ear, any well-reasoned thoughts or rules I may have had vanished."

"I'll bring the heat. You bring the Kindle. We'll see who blinks first."

"He caged my throat with one hand as he dug in his pocket with the other. It was odd, possessive, and made my panties combust." 

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