Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Arc Review of My Perfect Mistake By Kelly Siskind

My Perfect Mistake is funny, hilarious romantic comedy, I laughed and I cried. Shay and Kolton are adorable. You fall immediately for Kolton and his quirky son Jackson. Who new Karma was a good thing.......

Shay is fresh off a break up with The Dick, She and her besties Raven and Lily go on a ski trip to Aspen, While on the lift she decides to toss her black bra that represents her repressed self, she is determined to break away from the girl she conformed to meet The Dick's expectation's. While on the lift a handsome ski dude tells her she has to follow the rules to toss her bra on the Bra tree...... She still tosses the bra even though she is told she will have bad "karma".
The tossed bra ends up missing the tree and landing on Kolton's head, after a bad morning spent dealing with exhausting tasks, all he wants to do is ski. While his buddies Sawyer and Nico relax at the rented townhouse. He finally gets to fly down the slop only to crash into Shay as she makes her way down. He is beyond pissed.... Shay dubs him as The asshole.

Draw to each other with an undeniable attraction the fun begins......

 My favorite Quotes: 

"It sails through the air in an elegant arc, my 34c's taking flight, before caught up in a gust of wind and tumbling down, down, and landing smack on some guy's head. Amid his what the fucks, the girls and I giggle as snowboard Dude scoffs with a snaky "Karma"

This must be what crack feels like. Or eating the largest bowl of Lucky Charms. Marshmallow-only Lucky Charms. Now I just want to let loose and swear a bunch and speak my mind. And buy Lucky Charms. And that red bra."

"We're all snowflakes. All unique, But we still work right? Richard snowballed me. That fucker packed me into his world, belittling and molding me until he killed my uniqueness. And I let him" 

"When you're older, being different is often a badge of honor. When younger, your skin has yet to thicken, its a curse."

"But... He reads the definition, glances at Shay then at me, then back at her. "Is that why you're not wooed? Did Daddy not find your G-spot? Did he not make you happy enough?"

"Forget Fabio. From now on you're Thor." 

"Such an asshole," she says fighting a smile. I tug her toward the entrance. That's my bitch." 

Author Info

A small-town girl at heart, Kelly Siskind moved from the city to open a cheese shop with her husband in Northern Ontario. When she’s not neck deep in cheese or out hiking, you can find her, notepad in hand, scribbling down one of the many plot bunnies bouncing around in her head.
She laughs at her own jokes and has been known to eat her feelings—Gummy Bears heal all. She’s also an incurable romantic, devouring romance novels into the wee hours of the morning.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!