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Up in Flames by Kelly Hashway's Dream Cast

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Into the Fire Trilogy Dream Cast
I’m so bad at deciding dream casts because I always have an image in mind for my characters and matching that to actors is tough! But I think the cast I’ve come up with does Cara and the gang justice.
Cara Tillman ~ Dove Cameron
   Dove would need some fiery red streaks in her hair and sapphire blue contacts, but I think she could pull off the many sides of Cara Tillman. She did a great job in Disney’s Descendants playing both the tough girl and the sensitive type.
Logan Schmidt ~ Spencer Boldman
Okay, so Spencer Boldman played a very comedic character on Lab Rats, but I’ve seen him play serious roles too and he’s actually better at those, so I think he could pull off the tough Logan Schmidt, who is mourning the loss of several people in his life and struggling to come to terms with who he is.
Rachel (Cara’s best friend) ~ Maia Mitchell
Maia is another one who can play different roles. Rachel is spunky and has these comments that make you laugh out loud because they’re so blunt. She’ll also do anything for the people she cares about. I think Maia could play that role well.
Jeremy Tillman (Cara’s brother) ~ Cody Christian
You might recognize Cody from Pretty Little Liars, one of my favorite shows! He plays Mike Montgomery, and if you follow the show, you know he is able to pull off so many different roles. He’d make a great Jeremy. I originally picked him for Nick in Into the Fire, but he’d definitely make a better Jeremy. He’d need to dye his hair of course. ;)
So there’s my dream cast. Do you know these actors?
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