Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Review of New Release.... Forever Lost By Melody Anne

Before she could get orientated to the area, she heard a creaky door open and then she was pushed forward. She was lifted, and then the man was laying her down. She began to fight against him, but his fist connected with her jaw, nearly making her lose consciousness again as pain shot through her, and more blood oozed into her mouth.
She heard something above her snap shut, causing more fear to rush through her. Reaching her tied hands up, she discovered a solid wall above her. She reached to each side and found the same. She kicked out and there was nothing but walls.
Beginning to panic, she twisted from side to side as she tried to free herself. She was closed in completely. They must have placed her in a box — or possibly her own grave.

This Series is a very dark romance, and sticks with you for a long time. Not in a necessarily bad way, the continuation of Stolen Innocence; Forever Lost dives deeper into Elena's struggles and emotional struggle to cope. Defiantly a page turner.... I recommend reading Book 1 Stolen Innocence to fully appreciate the series....

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