Saturday, April 2, 2016

Arc Review of After the Scrum By Dahlia Donovan

I am not an avid reader of M/M romance, having read one or two that were part of a bigger Series. But, I after reading basically the same plots, romance scenes and run on sentences of M/F romance novels the break is greatly appreciated. 
After the Scrum, well 2 hot men lusting for each other, caring for their families, nephews and grans, and therapy dogs is hard to resist. The easy flow of the book has you turning the pages and witty, flirty banter between Caddock and Francis keeps you interested. 
I also enjoyed the British humor and the slang/swear terms, It's fun learning a new language and I will enjoy using them in my daily a day word calendar.

I have found my "Brute" Caddock Stanford  Tom May from the London Welsh Rugby Team 


Francis Keen was a bit harder, but I think this guy is him, I couldn't find his name :( 

Quotes I highlighted from the book: 

"I'm your interior decorator." But..." The man looked at him, utterly bewildered, still holding on to his hand. His hold tightened ever so slightly before letting go. "You're a bloke." Francis glanced down at himself in mock horror, even lifting out his cardigan to glance at his well-defined but slight upper body. " Am I?" This explains so much. No wonder the women screamed when I went into the wrong loo the other day. Well spotted, you man detect, you." 

"I am your son. Does my sexuality really change who I am and how you feel about me? Is it really so important? Who gives a damn whom I have in my bed? I'm your son. Doesn't that count for anything?"

"Francis snatched his hand away from Caddock's shirt when Father Williams, the village priest, walked by. "Good Morning." "You know, I can legally marry you both at the chapel anytime." The priest's eyes twinkled with merriment at what Francis was sure were shell-shocked looks in their eyes. "Have a good day now and the best of luck tomorrow evening."

"I don't need to touch you to get a reaction though, do I?" Caddock bent forward so his breath rushed over his cub's ear. He saw the shivers run through the younger man. "Shall we go inside? Or do you require a moment to settle yourself down?" 

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