Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Lessons By Elizabeth Brown

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A 30 year old virgin and a Sex surrogate... let the fun begin

Natalie, a 30 year old virgin has big time intimacy issues but, she feels it's just life that got in the way.  She grew up in foster care till at the age of 13 she was adapted. I am sure there are some issues she would have with bonding and trust, if you were bounced around from house to house. She has had one boyfriend and he turned out to be gay!! Gay people, and he told her on her birthday.......
She decides to move across the country to seek out the help of a sexual surrogate and sex therapy to pop her cherry so she can get on with her life and her plans. Oh, what are her plans you say? Well, she had it all mapped out, college boyfriend, loose virginity to said boyfriend (not if he's gay honey). Dump college boyfriend after graduation and meet The One. White picked fence and a kid by the time she is 29. Well she's 30 and still a virgin.... there goes the plan...  I pointed that out already I know. I just can't get over the fact that in all her 30 years she couldn't pop that cherry. Yes, she does care for her ailing adopted mother for three years, she is a good daughter. And yes, her first boyfriend the college one turned out to be gay. So, maybe i guess she didn't have time to pop said cherry.

Natalie's sexual surrogate is hot, sexy Ryan Andrews. She can't believe her eyes... Ryan was captivated by Natalie the moment he saw her at the library. And then it turns out she is his newest client. He shouldn't be excited. He takes his job very seriously. He can't risk the ethical violations. Having feelings for Natalie will cause. Graduation is just a few short months away. He should have her transferred to another surrogate... but then he'd have to castrate all the sexual surrogate's in California.

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