Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Shameless Hour by Sarina Bowen

Book # 4 of the Ivy Years collection

As the equipment manager for the Harkness Hockey Team, Bella enjoys her jobs and its perks. Lots of naked eye candy in a Hockey locker room. Bella has always been casual with her relationships as she fears her choices of boyfriends in the past have lead to some trust issues. First Fucker Fanning aka Tanner Fanning who used her to get to her sister, then Graham who turns out to be in love with Rikker.
Rafe is a good Dominican boy, raised by his single mother and told to always care for women and respect them. He gets his heart broken by his girlfriend Allison, and Bella ahem.. comforts him. Rafe thinks Bella is sweet, sexy and sassy.
How will this good boy get the head strong promiscuous Bella to settle down.

"I want the sassy, fierce sister with trust issues. You are ten times more fun than any other girl alive and hotter than my aunties' pepper sauce."
She blinked at me. "I changed my mind. I don't even need the gift. Just tattoo that on my ass and we'll call it even."

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