Friday, February 12, 2016

Angelfall By Susan Ee


Angelfall is an exciting tale of the start of the apocalypse, where Angels come down from heaven. They start to take over and all humanity is left to suffer. The hereon is Penryn  a teenage girl who takes care of her Manic mother and sister who in handicap in a wheel chair, which ironically the inquiries were caused by her manic mother. 
Needing to flee their small apartment for food and safety. The three of them venture out and are faced with gangs trying to take down angels to sell their feathers for money. 
They meet Raffe and angel being attacked by other angels.. this is new. They kidnap her sister Paige and Penryn is stuck with a bleeding angel and her mother. She helps the angel into a safe place and discovers he isn't what he seems to be. The adventure begins........

This book would make an awesome movie or TV show. It is a quick read, not for the short book length but for the sheer desire to keep reading to find out what happens next.  

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