Friday, June 10, 2016

Review: Taken

Taken Taken by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Personal Read, Honest Review.....
I am a stickler for reading book in a Series in order, to understand the authors process and the way they want to characters to develop, that being said this can be read as a Standalone but I strongly suggest reading Hidden Book 1 in the Five Fates Series. Plus it stinks when a character from the previous story is doing, saying, being talked about and it's like you are not in on that private joke that irritates you when your best friend and her other best friend share when you are trying NOT to be part of the joke and pretend you get the gist.. BUT. you. don't. *Download Book 1 Hidden and be in on that private joke! Anyway back to the review of this awesome book

Ms. McKinley has outdone herself with this book, you can really appreciate the development of the Characters vs her 1st book. Everything gets better with time.. lol
Layla is a weapon, and she is struggling to deal with this situation she and her sisters were forced into by the 3 fates... as a cruel joke or cosmic consequences for Zeus (who knows, gods and higher beings like to mess with everyone)
Thaull is facing self destruction and ruin, at the hands of, well himself!
I love the way Layla and Thaull need each other to survive and conquer their fate! Nothing is set in stone when love, blood, sweat, and Sexy beastlies' are involved....
A must read, Add to your TBR and download now...... Like right now. But 1st download Hidden

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